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04 Nov

”This is one of the most frequently asked questions that I receive and it is a really worthwhile topic to dig more deeply into.

I know that my readers want to know the simple answer to these questions but if I wrote the simple answer you would only have my answer and I want you to know the answer for you; we are all individuals; the same answer doesn’t fit for all.

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You should definitely read on to get some answers though... Every single update from now back to when Jesus was a boy.

Worst of all, girls think that being able to spell their own names entitles them to a good man, even when they’re bossy, defiant and lacking in feminine graces. The reality is that truly intelligent females are rare, and most girls who consider themselves “smart” are not.

Orgasm Denial Training Programs are a great way to learn about orgasm denial, and experience the pleasure of being controlled and denied by one Cock Control Mistress up to fifteen Mistresses at a time, or more!I use my legal maiden name for this blog and on my book. I actually had my married name legally changed back to my original name when I began to heal.There is something about doing that that made me feel like I was taking MY life back.Recently I received a question that I thought would make a really great blog post.The question was; “In relation to leaving or reducing contact with your “FOO” (which stands for Family of Origin) do you feel guilty about going no contact with your family of origin?