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21 Sep

One demographic that still tends to have a hard time landing a date, though, are the otaku, Japan’s catch-all term for obsessive fans of anime, video games, computers, and anything traditionally geeky.But could the popular image of otaku as the bottom feeders of the dating pool be a case of women overlooking their hidden merits as boyfriend material?

As with any machine, it’s only a matter of time until something on your PC breaks, at which point these gallant otaku are ready to come to the rescue.Mean while all the while I’m thinking “me, I might as well just be a girlfriend…….” Then she went out with some friend for a night on the town and I took the bus home. In hindsight the fact that we knew each other from the Sci-Fi fantasy club is the only thing that really makes this geeky. They were okay, but then I saw on Facebook she entered into a relationship with another guy. We watched the entire season that weekend, we’re now engaged. So I’m not sure if this is the best or worst, frankly it could have gone either way.This girl might very well have been the ultimate geek chick into RPG and videogames but she couldn’t keep it out of her pants . No big deal because we only went out like twice, but this is the bad part: I saw his pic on Facebook and he was wearing this Woot shirt (disapproving narwhal) that I had ordered but got lost in the mail. Considering that we’re still together I’ll call it best. It was something of a blind date since we had some mutual friends but hadn’t met in person yet though we had talked online.If you are a nonsubscriber, you are limited in how many stories you can read every 30 days.For a very short time, we are offering a .95 a month digital subscription for unlimited digital access.