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06 Jan

Arrive early if you want to get a seat on the steps of the National Archives Building, or head toward the end of the parade route at 17th Street Northwest for the best views. Stick around until after the sun goes down and watch the fireworks. Or watch fireworks explode all around you when you take a dinner cruise on the bay. C.: Few things say summer like a picnic at the lake.Walk the boardwalk into the cave and marvel at the beautiful view.The park staff leads nature walks and lantern hikes and will even demonstrate prehistoric tools and weapons.

It’s all about what type of terrain, flow, and length you want.Jumps, bridges, wet ground, hills, turns, and obstacles (think: boulders, roots, and streams) dictate the speed and accessibility of your ride. Opt for a buttery-smooth roller-coaster track void of technical elements to slow you down. Choose a steep climb that tops out onto a ridge and finishes with a flying descent.With these 10 mountain biking trails, you can’t go wrong.The Foucher-Lewis clan of Louisiana traces its ancestry to an unusual antebellum couple: the Foucher part of the name belonged to a white plantation owner, a widow, who fell in love with a slave she owned, named Joseph Lewis.The couple kept their children a secret from the neighbors—the kids were sent to play out back in the slaves' quarters whenever anyone stopped by.