Adult school of the chathams madison and florham

11 Nov

The first conductor was James Sadewhite, who remained for three years and, sadly, recently passed away.

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It was conceived as a musical resource for amateur musicians to be able to play together and to add to the musical programs for the public at that community center.

Today's concert contains perennial classical favorites. Numerous well-known and prestigious soloists have appeared with this Orchestra, including Carmit Zori, violin; Paul Tobias, cello; Ann Lieberson, violin (concertmaster, 1977); Peter Winograd, violin; Philip Myers, horn, in two appearances, and Philip Smith, trumpet, both principals at the New York Philharmonic; Pegeen Fitzgerald, narrator; Guillermo Figueroa, violin; Joseph Kalichstein, piano; Andre Emelianoff, cello; Yuval Waldman, violin; Ariel Rudiakov, viola; and Maxim Anikushin, piano.

The Liberti family contributed to the musical quality of our organization, with Thomas Liberti, cello, of the New York Philharmonic, playing horn with us.

In addition to his private practice, Jordan is a pool attorney for the Office of Parental Representation of New Jersey Office of the Public Defender.

Jordan serves on the Board of Trustees of The Adult School of the Chathams, Madison and Florham Park.