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04 Jan

Read more A diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease raises many questions.The Alzheimer's Navigator — a free online tool designed specifically for individuals with Alzheimer's disease and their caregivers — helps guide you to answers by creating customized action plans and providing access to information, support and local resources.We had come to feel isolated, uneasy with other people, and especially authority figures.To protect ourselves, we became people pleasers, even though we lost our own identities in the process.Caregivers Message Board Forum: Do we use the "A" word?Spouse or Partner Caregiver Forum: Should I put my husband in respite care?Freegal works with most computers, players, tablets, and smartphones.No special software is needed, but there are Apple and Android apps available for a more mobile-friendly experience.

We somehow got guilt feelings when we stood up for ourselves rather than giving in to others.Younger-Onset AD or Other Dementia Forum: Husband diagnosed at 59, symptoms began at 57, he's now 60.A Caregiver’s Decision to Participate in Clinical Trials Volunteers – both with and without Alzheimer’s disease – are needed to participate in actively enrolling clinical trials about Alzheimer’s and related dementias.Adult Survivors of Child Abuse (ASCA) is an individual and group support program for adult survivors of physical, sexual, and/or emotional child abuse or neglect.ASCA's Step Work (21 steps) is a statement of the tasks and issues that most adult survivors face during their recovery from child abuse.