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ABA’s resident bad boy and major heartbreaker went on to become Artistic Director of the Royal New Zealand Ballet from 2011 to 2014, where rumor has it he consistently offered to help pretty new students with their luggage on move in day. Eva Rodriguez – Zoe Saldana Playing the sassy and talented Eva was Salanda’s breakthrough role.Since then, she’s starred in a number of tiny films you’ve probably never heard of, including (which, you know, only shattered box office records).He lives on the other side of town, in a predominantly Black neighborhood.She gets transferred to a new school where she is one of the few White students there.His accomplished dancing and devil-may-care attitude make him irresistible to young Jody Sawyer (played by San Francisco Ballet’s Amanda Schull), a fresh-faced innocent arriving in New York to study at the A. Unlike the masses who first encountered Stiefel in the movie, I was a budding balletomane and had already seen him perform with the A. I studied dance in the States, and every spring I went to see A. To see why I swooned, check him out in this flirty Stanton Welch solo, “We Got It Good”—that twinkle in his eye went straight to my heart.“Center Stage” came out at the perfect time in my life. After a modest theatre run that spring, “Center Stage” quickly transitioned to HBO, allowing my roommate and I to memorize it and then mockingly quote it back and forth to each other. From my cheap seats up in the rafters, I couldn’t make out his face under the pancake makeup, but I didn’t need to, having watched his smirks and smiles again and again.The movie’s rallying cry, “Dance the shit out of it! It wasn’t a good movie—David Denby called it “bizarely infantile,” “a thirties musical without good jokes,” and “a semi-fiasco”—but despite its flaws, I instantly knew that the film would be with me for life. In “Giselle,” he danced Prince Albrecht, the sly seducer who breaks a young girl’s heart.The question is also, of course, whether or not Jody (Amanda Schull) will kiss Charlie (Sascha Radetsky) or Cooper (Stiefel) at the end of the movie.There are all sorts of milestones that remind you that time is going by, like realizing that a boyish movie star is on the verge of fifty (see Cruise, Tom), or that a favorite movie has been relegated to “classic” status (see Vinny, My Cousin).

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Members of the cast, which was made up of mostly real dancers, have gone on to become A-list actors (Zoe Salanda), major stars in the ballet world (Sascha Radetsky and Ethan Stifel), and TV legends (Peter Gallagher), but we’ll always remember them as their You also may have seen her in commercials for Mc Donald’s Shamrock Shake! [slow clap, slow clap, slow clap.] Cooper Nielson – Ethan Stiefel At the time of filming, Stiefel was a principal with the American Ballet Theater. Her mom didn’t have the feet, she didn’t have the heart.

Of course, if her film career hadn’t worked out, she could have always gotten a job at Hooters.

The 2000 film “Center Stage” — the source material for “Center Stage: On Pointe,” which is itself the third film in what we are now forced to call the “Center Stage” universe — is, for what it is, modestly brilliant.

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premiered on May 12, 2000, giving fans a peek into the complicated lives of professional dancers struggling to make it. Charlie Sims – Sascha Radetsky Radetsky, Jody’s love interest who everyone rooted for, in real life was a principal dancer with the American Ballet Theater while filming the movie, and retired in 2014 after 19 years with the company. Maureen Cummings – Susan May Pratt Despite being the best ballerina at ABA in the movie, Pratt was one of the only cast members who had no dance experience (she used a body double for most of her dancing scenes).