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19 Oct

June Hartley reminds me a little of an ex-girlfriend of mine that I used to date, also not a top model, no glamorous super looks, but still I thought she was far more attractive than most “hotter” girls with better looks.

I guess that sometimes imperfection can add to perfection.

That's what my husband and I were doing, working with my brother and my dad. Soldiers and sailors and airmen used to come by the thousands, flush with American dollars to spend on cheap beer and pretty girls, and the pretty girls came by the thousands, too, because the money was so much better than anything else they could do, and sometimes—not often, but with the same frequency that sells lottery tickets—a soldier or a sailor fell in love with a girl he met in a bar and married her and took her away.

Jobs started drying up, so I started looking for something to do to make the most money for my family. It went on like that for decades, so durable and so vast that it became famous, so famous that even after the bases closed, men kept coming, Americans and Australians and Koreans and Japanese, with their dollars and yen, traveling all the way into the middle of the Pacific just to hump the local women.

Don’t let the short hair fool you, she is not a boy, in fact the direct opposite is true. damn sexy and she knows it, and if you visited her, now you know it too.

From short hair, this week we have long hair again.

Freckles, her teeth are not perfect, same as her face, and the same holds true for her body. She actually looks like the girl next door that lives here in the street.

She writes naughty things to her […] This gorgeous looking Asian hottie called Adela1993 makes my head and mind spin!

She has the smallest, sexiest body I have ever seen.

But since the step from an what looks like an innocent short hair girl to a pornstar like glamorous webcam girl is just too big, this week we searched for something in between.

That’s why we spend all week looking for ultimate the girl next door look, average on the outside but ow so horny on the inside.