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23 Oct

VKontakte, the most popular Russian-language social network.

I entered some personal information, uploaded an especially flattering picture of myself, then used the search function to find all single women between 25 and 35 in Ukraine who were online at the moment — around p.m. There were more than 10,000 available, all sorted by a rating system which seemed to be directly proportional to the amount of pictures a woman had posted of herself in a string bikini, and how good she looked in said bikini.

Now if this isn't enough, they are usually extremely well-educated -- many of them with masters degrees or at least university degrees -- and also they like to learn and to educate themselves.

Not only this, but they are well known for being good cooks and they also love to take care of their homes.

Ukrainian women also make fantastic wives, because they are generally very supportive of their men.

Furthermore, they make excellent mothers and without hesitation always want children.

In general, Kiev is as safe as most Western European countries.

And you will see them wherever you go -- in the big cities, such as Kiev, Kharkov, Odessa or Kherson - and also in the smaller villages as well.

We personally consider it much better to leave our passports in a safe place than to routinely carry it in person and risk losing them. If you have committed an offence they will usually give you the option of going down the official route or paying a bribe and going on your way.

Having said that, official guidance from both the US and British embassies states that visitors should carry their passports with them at all times and keep copies in case of loss or theft. They are notoriously corrupt, though you should only come into contact with them if you are driving. Paying the bribe is cheaper than the official fine and less hassle.

I liked Elena very much, that it was something fascinating in her, and as we see later, a lot of common interests.

We both have two children, we love working, traveling, and much more;) But the most important – we feel very good together, we live in harmony and love.