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31 Jan

tale, Bowser has kidnapped Mario and Luigi and hauled them off to Vibe Island, and is wreaking havoc on the inhabitants' emotions with a wand called the Vibe Scepter.

Determined to rescue them, Peach sets off on a journey with the help of a magical talking parasol named Perry.

I'd rather be a pointless sports and party person than someone who always gets captured Why should Pach go to hell for something that is Bowser's fault? She actually tries to fight Bowser sometimes I can agree that Daisy freaked out when she slapped Bowser that was no smash move.

Peach does not sit around and do nothing when in danger like in paper Mario and other Mario games. Neither does Daisy - Parker Fang She tries to help out Mario even when she is kidnapped Daisy was only kidnapped once, what are you talking about? Daisy didn't like him like that - yunafreya648 Peach is dating Mario There so cute together peach is my favorite and Mario is the hero They're defiantly interested in each other or at least Mario is interested in Peach. I know I get hate for this but I prefer Luigi over Mario - Rock Starr I prefere luigi over mario too! Daisy is tomboy and awesome and is NOT a clone of Peach!

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But I was willing to let Mario and Bowser poke holes in their thin narrative canvas because hey, at least it wasn’t taking its own nonsense too seriously (I’m looking at you, This is like that part in a Tarantino movie where the clever protagonist critiques beloved filmmakers, except Mario’s cone of silence protects some part of the tradition that made his media so iconic.

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She has a better role in the Super Mari franchise Lol peach is in sports and party games too. And has helped Mario stop someone in a couple games, as well as saved Mario.

If this sounds off-putting, that’s because initially it is.

There’s nothing about this that feels like a Mario game, and gaming enthusiasts (who might cringe at the not-so-subtle approximation “nerr” as I did) are starting to feel like the butt of an extended joke.

- Heavy Donkey Kong You can't count Daisy fighting Bowser in MP3 because she only slapped him because Bowse SCARED her she they weren't actually fighting. - Parker Fang Peach is hotter Does it really matter? Why would peach, Mario and all them would play with Bowser, his minions, Etc...? Nintendo made her a hooker in Smash - yunafreya648 She does not have a bad temper Lol in the strikers games everybody had a bad temper, even yoshi She may not have a bad temper... While Peach, on the other hand, gives Mario information, and gives him items. Actually daisy is a tomboy because she is described as energetic cheerful and confident in some games and battles against boys and peach is girly because she poses a lot and pink is too girly and she wears a lot of makeup,. But I can agree with adorable I kind of consider all three princesses adorable. Her actions, thoughts, quotes, and all she does is adorable Not ugly but not adorable The face in the picture scares me though - yunafreya648 Peach has better people crushing on her A d-bag star, and unknown alien, ugly dumb wario & Luigi clone... Luigi is kind, trustworthy, funny, and much more athletic.

I'm not hating on Peach or Daisy but it's personality that counts I think that Daisy is hotter too, but I think that Peach is the hottest of them all! Daisy's rack is smaller than Peach's =/ Even though looks don't matter to me ( well duh I'm a girl and I think it's awkward ) but it's obvious that fanboys and fan girls think peach way prettier and more beautiful than daisy but as a peach fan myself Rosalina is more beautiful than both of them She is in better games Super Princess Peach, which is underrated for me, but not the best for me! Daisy would not be out of place there, but go ahead and keep making excuses. Whoever thinks that that daisy's weak is TOTALLY WRONG. Well it makes sense Daisy would get these kind of people attracted to her. In Mario power tennis he wants peach to kiss him and in super paper Mario Bowser wants to MARRY Peach So that's my proof 'Bowser doesn't even like peach! Tatanga and Bowser are equal (at least tatanga actually liked daisy) and waluigi actually looks better than ugly Mario.'Uh yeah Bowser does.