Ariel lin and mike he dating sinble dating

29 Dec

It looks like the email we have in your account is invalid. In the romance comedy drama, Go, Single Lady, Taiwanese idol Mike He played a down-on-the-luck heir who was hired to coach Ady An in high-society manners.

On May 10, Sulliā€²s agency SM Entertainment confirmed the relationship by revealing, "Sulli and Kim Min Jun recently became interested in each other.

Baron Chen and ex-lover Ella had broken up in a sudden unresolved fight leaving scratches on the neck.

While it has already been a long time, these two parallel lines shall once again clash on screen.

Jesseca Liu shared with us in February this year that she was in a stable relationship but stopped short at revealing who her mystery man was.

Unofficially, everyone assumed that it was her and fellow actor Jeremy Chan who were dating, but neither party confirmed their relationship until now.