Back dating child tax credit

08 Sep

For example, if you have a baby on 12 June and they don't receive your claim form until 12 October, they will only backdate your payments to 12 July.

Senior members of HMRC tax credits team have told me in writing that 'Working Tax Credit can only be paid from the date the claim form is received in an appropriate office', therefore denying the legal existence of the effective date of claim, and refusing backdating for people claiming WTC.

Explain why you think it is wrong and supply evidence to support this.

Appeals take around a month to process but the timelined is not guaranteed.

This is providing that on that date they would have qualified for tax credits had they made a claim for it.

Automatic backdating of WTC occurs if the claimant prior to starting work/self-employment has been in receipt of: Income Support, Jobseeker’s Allowance, Employment and Support Allowance.