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24 Sep

“When someone gets married in a courthouse, it’s really an open invitation to everyone but the beautiful bride to explore all that fashion has to offer,” Lola wrote on Instagram.

His music group MOTHXR released their debut album ‘Centerfold’ on February 26, 2016.

I mean, like anything valuable, it was good and it was bad and it was a learning experience."Badgley - who admitted that he didn't send Lively a wedding gift when she married Ryan Reynolds - explained that he would like to get married one day because he wants the "ceremony" and the "bond".

character Dan."But the kind of women I'm interested in - they're smart enough not to expect me to be Dan," he continued.

Rumors sparked about Blake and Penn getting back together in May of 2011, however it was soon confirmed that they were not; She was with Leonardo Di Caprio, star from 'Titanic' at the time.

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The 51-year-old singer - who recently launched teen clothing range, Material Girl, with 13-year-old Lourdes - often steals her daughter's style. The 'Gossip Girl' actress - who is dating her co-star Penn Badgley - loves spending time in the American city, and admits her feelings for...

Leighton Meester – Blair Waldorf 29-year-old Leighton got her big break as the bitchy but amazingly stylish Blair Waldorf, queen bee of Manhattan’s Upper East Side.

Since Gossip Girl‘s finale was aired Leighton has starred in several films and has also appeared on stage.

He officially announced about getting married to his long-time girlfriend Domino Kirke at a courthouse in Brooklyn, New York on February 27.

In October 2010 Penn and Blake were revealed to have broken up, however the pair remain good friends.