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20 Aug

Imagine yourself drawn to a place of worship this January to celebrate an event that your community regards as holy.

The cathedral is packed, all the bright children arrayed in festive dress, three days of feasting will follow.

Today, I present to you the ce FFM application, as a thank you to this forum that has always given me so much. ce FFM is legal to use, as it consists 100% of freely-distributable content.

It is a little personal project I am working on when I am not doing anything else. It is NOT a replacement for any OEM navigation software.

It mainly was suggested by a friend of mine who is not convinced of 'Mio Pocket' or comparable other shells for Windows® (Embedded) CE based Sat Nav units, this because of their not Windows® Embedded CE 6.0 fair implementation and their immense RAM hunger and/or missing finger-friendliness, as he said. ce FFM is a free (as in "free speech" and also as in "free beer") absolute finger-friendly shell/menu ( at least I think so ) for Windows® CE (. NET) 6.0 (CE6) based Sat Nav touchscreen devices with an ARM™ processor equipped board . It is just a frontend from which you may among other things launch the navigation software that came with your device or that you purchase separately. Basically ce FFM acts as an "unlock" for Sat Nav devices (AKA PNAs/AIOs) running either CE5 or CE6.

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The biggest problem I had was not with the unit but with garmin, the free camera trial never worked, but I subscribed to a company called pocketgps for £19 a year.(iii) What types of programs does ce FFM come with?ce FFM comes with just nearly three dozens of applications recognized by me as usefull. Important: ce FFM does not come with i Go, Garmin XT, Tom Tom, Destinator, Sygic, Auto Sputnik, NDrive, Mireo, Pol Nav or any other commercial navigation software.garmin nuvi 310 is easy to use, trip computer, bluetooth, mp3 player.Good battery life (about 4 to 4.5 hours with bluetooth on.) Excellent unit. Simple to use and effective in navigating streets either quickest or shortest.