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26 Aug

Andrew Baker was on hand to help his children move their possessions from their Bolsover Home as Fitzroy River flood waters already spill into low lying parts of Depot Hill, Rockhampton. Photo Chris Ison / The Morning Bulletin ROK311210-flood-c11 HYDROLOGISTS at the Bureau of Meteorology are warning Rockhampton will begin to flood on Tuesday or Wednesday.

Three of the four major rivers that feed the Fitzroy River are already at major flood levels.

got use to it, but when he finishedthe hair in my private part, he moved to my armpit, that was how Isaid never, that he should better be cutting my wevon since he likes eating hair, but he picked offense claiming l insulted him.

He begged and begged but refused So he gave me one cream to apply in my private part to make the hairs grow within few days, that was how we concluded.

In the usual Chris style, the profile is woefully incomplete, featuring only a very brief personal summary, and a looking-for box in which he checked every available option, including "casual sex." A bit later, in April 2009, Chris created a second profile, which gradually evolved into something many, many times worse.

It's unclear when Chris made this profile, but given his stated age, it probably was made around late 2008 or early 2009, around the same time as his first The Hoo K Café ad.

Chris created his first Ok Cupid profile in late February 2009. Was a little skeptical never having flown them before but was pleasantly surprised. He told me what happened but I would have liked to know while it was happening. :) Flight attendants were friendly, but they only had limited resources to work with. No wifi or entertainment, no power outlets, only bad wine/beer for a 3 hour flight is mediocre at best... I think check in should be made available at least 48-72hrs ahead not just 24hrs. The entertainment was not great but it was a very short flight. Barely made it to my 2nd plane even though I practically ran thru the big airport after the customs delay - both on my way to Hanoi & on my return. Seats were very uncomfortable and completely worn out. Flown with Delta, AA, United and a lot of other carriers, but Etihad felt a little more special. It;s better than not getting any food but it;s the only thing that was a little off. Old fashioned seat, no usb to charge my phone, battery went ;off and couldn't make a call to my family to assure them of a half way safe trip while stopping over for almost 6 hours in Ataturk Intl. I made sure I was the last one to leave the plane and asked him about it when I saw him at the exit. I did not get the meal of my choice, also as I tried to check in at home, the system did not give me much choices to respond to, instead the system blocked me entirely from early check in and it wasn't enough time to make calls. Standard "how do I get the cattle fed the cheapest possible" food. The crew is very courteous and professional and even on a short flight the food is great, especially the chocolate. Had to get off Korean air in Seoul & go thru terribly bogged down customs, just to transfer & continue on another Korean air plane - both ways!"Most models have a pretty wet week -- it's just how wet is the question." Bo M upgraded areas between Ayr and St Lawrence from a "watch zone" to a "warning zone" at 4.54pm today.Bo M's latest cyclone warning reveals TC Debbie is most likely to intensify into a category 4 with gusts of up to 260km/h before hitting the coast on Tuesday morning, but destructive winds on land are expected by Monday evening at the latest.