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06 Sep

Most of the time that’s focused around school, hobbies, jobs- the usual.

But we can’t forget about our physical and emotional needs either.

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Most people at some point in time will become aware or begin to feel that they are somehow "off course", that "something needs to change" or that something new is needed.

"CONVERSATIONS & PRACTICE FOR CHANGE: I believe we all have the inherent ability to live a meaningful, satisfying, and connected life.

There are so many things people can be wondering or dealing with when it comes to sex or sexuality- maybe things like how to contract STIs, what to do when their pregnant or if they think they may be addicted to pornography.

I think that a lot of people in our society are struggling with issues like this, especially in this day and age.

Find out how or call 1‑877‑644‑9992 (toll-free) or 780‑644‑9992 (Edmonton).

If you have experienced sexual violence, call 780‑482‑HELP (4357) (North), 403‑266‑HELP (4357) (South) or contact the sexual assault centre nearest you for help and information.