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26 Aug

Although a much different storyline, it still sounds like a crazy adventure! Clownfish all begin life as male, but can all carry both female and male reproductive organs on board.

In any given community, the female is the largest fish, the breeding male is the second largest and the rest are sexually immature males.

Since Nemo is the only other clownfish around, he becomes a male and mates with his father (who is now a female).

Should his father die, Nemo would change into a female and mate with another male.

But when it comes time to make little flatworms, they have to decide who plays which role..that they fight over.

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When it feels that the flowering conditions are too hard, hermaphroditism is an effective and natural way to shorten this period, pollinating its female flowers with the pollen of a few male clusters (usually called “bananas”).Protandrous hermaphrodites refer to organisms that are born male and at some point in their lifespan change sex to female. Dominance is based on size, the female being the largest and the male being the second largest.The rest of the group is made up of progressively smaller non-breeders, which have no functioning gonads.While it is a natural feature of the cannabis plant, it is an undesired trait when growing marijuana for consumption, since there is a great chance to obtain a plant full of seeds, what seriously reduces the quantity and quality of the final product.Hermaphroditism can have 2 origins: genetic and environmental.