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17 Jan

Frontman Jamie Coyle joins Cam Want to discuss lessons learned from being a support act for Evermore, their ...

Automatic rifles, nuclear weapons, rockets: once they were invented, humanity became edgier, more paranoid, less tranquil. I feel the same disquiet about Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, Twitter, Kindles, smartphones, laptops, text-messaging, email, the web, blogs, video-streaming sites, tablets, and sundry other digital technologies (2 billion users as of 2012) - they are weapons of mass destruction. But for the younger generation, those born in the Nineties and later, their brains have been warped by the sophisticated gadgetry available. News, financial information, sports results - people want to know about it as it unfolds, an ‘endless diet’ of instant facts and figures.

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Protesters during the Arab Spring in 2011 used Twitter to arouse and marshall the mobs.

The problem with such quickness, however, is that there is no time to mull matters over. People are only furnished with ‘surface-level information’ - and the tragedy is that they have evolved a superficial psychology to match.

There is already a crisis in what they call ‘identity formation’.

On the latest episode of the Green Room, Cam chats to Vita Adam! Vita feels her new album has allowed her to unleash different parts of her personality, and is equivalent to putting her “heart on a platter”.With apps becoming a shortcut to knowledge, the consequences are spurious efficiency and endemic shallowness - sound-bites, knee-jerk responses, ‘trivial tweaks or tweets’.The authors of this book see social networking sites, in particular, as thoroughly evil.Adolescents gradually got the edges knocked off them. There was genuine human interaction - which is how all language skills develop.The newly redesigned NACA website (com) includes a number of changes designed to make access to your file and a wealth of information elswhere on the site much simpler.