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12 Sep

"Day one of the first show we're taping," Hardwick began, everyone is "rushing around" and nervous.

"We're wating for [co-host] Jenny [Mc Carthy] ...

These days, he’s become the Dick Clark of what used to be called geek culture (we just call it “pop culture” now).

Some topics he says may be possible themes include special effects, '80s comedies and sci-fi.

is like "a Snuggie for your brain," Hardwick said of his intentions.

Other than that, we had a very brothery-sistery relationship and I adored working with her. They had wanted to do a “Singled Out” sketch for a while and I was way on board.

She pointed out to me, “See, the curtains don’t match the rug.” I complimented her decor nonetheless.