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01 Nov

You may have tried Internet dating, clubs, yoga, the gym, blind dates, and even one of those high-end matchmaking services. And, when you do actually start dating someone, everything seems so great at first and you get so hopeful, but then a few months down the line, things crash and burn.Plus, several of your friends have been finding love and getting married or even getting remarried. After all that: It’s not time to give up on your dream of having your ideal relationship or marriage!Where love is concerned, there is a disconnect between logic and emotion.In my search for a definition for conscious love, I decided to Google the phrase, and surprisingly came up with very little. The article that captured my attention and communicated clearly where I am in my belief about loving relationships.Preparing yourself for the relationship and marriage, learning who you need to become to attract the right person, and gaining effective and essentials skills to be in a successful relationship or marriage that no one ever taught you in school. This process combines the power of intuitive guidance with the skills and education offered through coaching.

Careers, children, and day-to-day responsibilities take the lead and the relationship falls to the wayside.A key ingredient to any successful marriage is the ability to consciously communicate with one another in a loving and direct way that gets results.Results in this context refer to having your own needs met and also meeting the needs of your partner.You may have given marriage a shot already, and are now single again and getting back in the game to find the real love of your life.Perhaps you have never been married, are getting older and have a heart-felt desire to be a happily married lady.