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04 Sep

To get or set cell value, identify the cell by the row and column in which it resides. Data Row objects and the Get Data Row(Get Focused Data Row) method returns the row typecasted to this data type. If the cell is not being edited, assigning a value to the Editing Value property has no effect. Is Editing property to determine whether or not a cell is being edited at the moment. Then, to change the values of the cells in the rows, use the functionality provided by your data rows.

Rows are identified by their handles (which can be obtained as described in the Identifying Rows and Cards, Traversing Rows and Locating Rows in Code topics). To get the currently active editor, use the Base View. Views provide several events to handle cell editing.

The second one gives quicker access to the values of cells.

Those data sources that do not implement the System. IBinding List interface, do not support change notifications.

One Button is for deleting the selected row and other one is for updating or inserting new row. When i click update button i got this exception can u tell me why??? i am using form1 obj=new form1(); obj.refresh(); but it is not work…. Now, when you close the add data form, open the datagrid form again automatically.

Regards, Arpan To add a reference in Visual C# # In Solution Explorer, right-click the project node and click Add Reference. However, for Button Click (on client click) write client confirmation javascript code.

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Open Visual Studio 2010 and create a Windows Forms Application.

You can get and set the values of cells using the methods provided by a View or the bound data source.

The first approach allows you to write portable code that can be applied to different data sources.

This class also uses the Get Connection method of the con Mgr class (the connection class already created).

In the dataset there is a table name "s" and the second method () is excecuting the query aginst the SQL database.