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16 Jan

Hi all, I have been wrestling with this decision for years, I am 25 and just had it done.

I have needed one for years as my foreskin was tight and could not be retracted when erect.

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Remember I am terrified of needles so I'm not playing this down at all for anyones benefit. I was curious, so many uncut men talk about loss of sensitivity. If it was closer to a 50/50 split on cut and uncut then you could say both are "normal" how we are describing. Cut is considered more of the "norm" and not joked about like that of the uncircumcised.This was one way for me to turn the idiotic 'a son should look like his father' mentality on its head, and change me back to looking more like my complete son.Not that we would ever be comparing, or participating in a 'father-son matching penis' parade!-------------."Cut off only the foreskin (outer fold of skin over the clitoris; the prepuce) but do not cut off deeply (i.e., the girls went off to another mixer - aka a recipe for disaster.