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28 Sep

Japan has a rich cultural tradition, and many pastimes have been handed down from one generation to the next.Some of the most popular ones are introduced here, and they are set up so that you can actually "try them out" online.Even if we’re already feeling a little bit under the weather, we continue to work to provide for ourselves and our loved ones.We sometimes even feel guilty taking a […] ICYMI, Taylor Swift has been shaking up the internet for the past few weeks because, well, she’s Taylor Swift.There is no one set size for furoshiki, they can range from hand sized to larger than bed-sheets.The most common sizes are 45 cm (17.7 inch) and 68–72 cm (26.7-28.3 inch).

Anime Bento (Plus) is a Quarterly subscription box including larger figures we can't fit in our standard anime bento.Also on the cloth is "To Tsuchiya Akira from all the staff of the Minenobu office." Modern furoshiki can be made of a variety of cloths, including silk, chirimen, cotton, rayon, and nylon.Furoshiki are often decorated with traditional designs or by shibori.Written by Shannon Lauson and Catherine Joyce Tan Photos by Aera Delos Santos and Eunick Nobe Graphics by Gian Ferrer and Arvin Chavez Container Turf, the newest food park in the south, is the ultimate food experience!With 34 specially curated food stalls and two bars (one for assorted drinks, another for coffee) your taste […] Summer is often deemed as the perfect season to get into the active lifestyle, but why wait for summer when you can get active and fit in any season–right in the heart of the city?