Dating divided back postcards

28 Jan

Collecting old vintage postcards is one of the most popular hobbies in the world.

Antique postcards are collectibles which offer a glimpse into the past.

district which are in the “Blue Sky Region.” These Canadian postcards are shown in digital, virtual museum format for educational purposes.

If you have images or historical information which you’d like to share with our virtual museum, feel free to do so.

Real photo postcards are postcards with genuine photographic images on the fronts.

They do not have “ink-and-printing-press” images but are actual photographs on photopaper.

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The factory made real photo postcard photopaper that happened to be a convenient size for such purposes.Dating of the postcards can be done from the style of the address side of the card and from the style of the stamp box. Original RPPC (real photo post card) showing a little girl surrounded by her toys. In the foreground is another soldier with a bayonet and men in formal elaborate military garb who are walking up stairs. There are a few minute insignificant flaws at the left border. Naftzinger Funeral Director and Embalmer Furniture and Rugs Centerport, Pa. There is some wear & rounding at the corners & a little wear along the edges.has an excellent guide to identifying and dating vintage Real Photo Postcards from the design of the stamp boxes on the card. There are two tiny creases at the bottom left corner tip. Original RPPC (real photo post card) showing a girl with curls in an "American" toy pedal car. The back has an AZO stamp box with the two top triangles pointing up & the two bottom triangles pointing down. There is a minor bend at the top left corner tip that does not break the surface. On the left side is a doll laying on a hammock hanging over a table full of toy china dishes. The card is in fresh excellent/near mint unused condition just like it turned up in a Pennsylvania estate. This is an original real photo postcard of lodge members standing in front of the Easton, Pa. There is a tiny crease 1/8" in from the top left corner. There is a 7/16" tear at the left border & a 1/16" tear at the right border. There are five tiny pinpoint size ink spots on the buildings.They were designed and printed on the backs to be mailed, often having handwritten letters, addresses and postage stamps on the back.Real photo postcards with baseball subjects are popularly collected by vintage baseball card and memorabilia collectors, and prime examples of famous players and teams can fetch big bucks at auction.