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The Summerlee Foundation, the Stark Foundation, and private individuals contributed to the digitization of materials from the historic home.

The FAQ may not have been cited by name, but I certainly was, in an article on August 21, 2001, in the re-titled "It's Dr Pepper Time!

Like a case of them, sitting in a room-temperature room.

There is a date on the bottom (MAR1411), but what does that mean?

3.2 What happened to the period after "Dr" in Dr Pepper? (and all its previous corporate incarnations), the corporate Dr Pepper site, The Dublin Dr Pepper Plant, and the Dr Pepper Museum and Free Enterprise Institute of Waco, Texas.

1.13 What's the connection between Sarah Palin and Dr Pepper? 3.1 Why drink Dr Pepper at 10 o'clock, 2 o'clock, and 4 o'clock? Major web site sources include Dr Pepper Snapple Group, Inc.

The Pepsi I'm drinking right now has the expiration date "Nov 19 07" very clearly stamped on the bottle.

One of the first sites to compile Dr Pepper information, "pepper.doc", was also helpful, but is no longer active as of 2006.Have you always had been around off and ignore the obvious.Business dance dancing with the person what you think. 1.12 What are the lyrics to the song in the "Be a Pepper" commericals? 2.10 Is there a drink called a "Flaming Dr Pepper"? listing besides increased traffic, but I'll elaborate on that in question 2.4, so stay tuned. A smaller and no longer active FAQ was previously compiled by Max Arbogast. 1.11 What's the connection between Axl Rose and Dr Pepper? 2.5 What's the difference between Dr Pepper made with Imperial Cane Sugar, and Dr Pepper made with high fructose corn syrup? 2.9 What are these "Cherry Vanilla," "Berries & Cream," "Cherry Chocolate," and "Cherry" flavors of Dr Pepper? ) Anyway, there was an additional happy side effect to the Yahoo! This particular FAQ was first put together in its present form by Christopher Flaherty.