Dating postcards postage

18 Sep

In some places, one can send a postcard for a lower fee than for a letter.

Postcards as a special class of inland mail were subsumed into the two-tier post system from 16th September 1968.

Even so there are instances where this information can be helpful.

In 1897 ambiguous Post Office regulations were issued which said "...

Initially this change did not apply to postcards sent overseas, and postcards printed at this time carry a suitable warning message. Price & Son, The Library, Ware, and shows a feature that appears on some of the earlier divided back cards of the address space being bigger than the message space.

This was posted in 1906 but may well have been printed any time after January 1902. is an early divided back card, which contains another clue about age - and the C W Faulkner only became a limited company in 1905.