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29 Jan

And he also had perhaps the finest falsetto in all of pop music for about ten years (another band trademark).

Yup, Ray might have contributed his own fair share of high falsetto harmonies, but John always sounded better at it.

Prayer cards manufactured in Italy identify him as the saint of "miracles," but to most Catholics, he is the Patron Saint associated with the return of lost articles and missing persons.

He is petitioned for help in finding almost everything that is lost, from car keys and misplaced papers to a lost job, a lost lover, or s straying partner.

He loves to travel and we’ve often talked and dreamed about all of the places we want to go together someday.

Then, the taxi suddenly swerved to the right and looked as though it...

She thought she had found The One, but he turned out to be nothing but a love fraud. 32-year-old Ms Li, a Guangdong native, met a 32-year-old Singaporean man on Wechat last year.

The second, Saint Anthony of Padua (Italy), lived from 1195-1231.

Born in Portugal, he was a Franciscan monk and lived in Morocco before settling in Padua. Saint Anthony of Padua is the Patron Saint of Padua, of Portugal, and of San Antonio, Texas.