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16 Dec

We’re all about sharing the love here at Lovestruck towers so you may be pleased to hear that we’ve teamed up with the perfect partner and joined the Stand Up To Cancer campaign.You can get involved simply by getting Lovestruck and donating as you dating! Stand Up To Cancer is an annual fundraising campaign brought to you by Cancer Research UK and Channel 4. It's plausible Joe visited the studio for some reason earlier, but there's also a Rihanna source denying all Jonas rumors. It's hard to believe, but apparently the glee club hater Sue Sylvester was cut completely from Glee: The 3D Concert Movie. Creator Ryan Murphy says Jane's scenes did not make the theatrical cut, but will definitely be included on a DVD release. Gronk Not Dating Camille Everyone is trying to figure out if Gronk is dating an ex Pats cheerleader named Camille … “Embraced by the Light” will be the first book and it’s by Betty J. JK Rowling Slays Twitter Troll JK Rowling has been really outspoken about politics lately…Check out their story below: Tell us how you met your husband Kory and I actually went to middle school and high school together.We knew of each other since middle school but we never talked or anything.The picture also became the most-liked photo ever on Instagram, kicking out Selena Gomez from the top spot in just 8 hours. It was for a video that’s going to be played at a Country Radio Seminar… The TJ Show can be heard weekday mornings from am until am on Boston’s 103.3 AMP Radio.She also released a lot of other maternity photos, some of them with Blue Ivy… Kitty Gaga Performing at Puppy Bowl If you’re going to be watching the Puppy Bowl this weekend, the halftime show will be none other than Kitty Gaga… You can follow TJ, Loren and Producer Matt on Twitter: @Radio TJ @Loren Raye and @Producer Matt AMP and on Instagram: @Radio TJ @Loren On Air and @Producer Matt AMP.

He is a university student with a part time job and she is a high school student with a part time job.

You can't go one week without hearing a ridiculous story involving some of your favorite celebrities. reported the two pop stars met while Joe was hanging out with Rihanna's ex Chris Brown in the studio.

Thankfully, the Rumor Patrol is here to sort out what's real and what's fake. Apparently he left an impression, because sources say she offered to give him "the wildest ride of his life! Gossip notes that Joe and Chris did not collaborate until 2011, well after Rihanna broke up with Chris.

Early this year, I decided it was time for me to dip my toe into the world of dating.

My divorce had been final for a few months, and I figured it was time to meet new and interesting people — even though I’m 90% certain at this point that marriage isn’t in the cards for me again.