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20 Oct

Also contains ‘lime’ content—beware ;) Matt glared down at his i Phone.

“Dammit…” He cursed under his breath, and tossed his phone to the side.

As I approach my 100th post, I reflect on why I began this blog in the first place.

It wasn’t to get a following of single ladies and gays or to find a tribe of anti-relationship friends.

Warning: As usual—due to this being a Second Player fanfic—there will be violence and dark themes affiliated with this chapter. He was lounging upside down on his couch—his head nearly on the apartment floor and legs over the head rests. The majority of them were talking dirty—just like he’d wanted at the time.

Apparently, she was also seen getting into the singer's car, sparking rumours that the former One Direction band member has a new girlfriend.

You’d never felt this uncomfortable or terrified in your entire life. Their pure insanity had taken over—and they’d slowly began murdering .

Your heart was pounding, palms sweaty, with goose bumps all over your arms and legs. But there was something different about him; something that stood out from the other Second Players. You could hear the screams of agony, slicing of knives, shootings of pistols, and splatters of blood from all the way down in the basement.

You were currently hiding in a cold, dark basement.

The one person you thought you couldn’t hate more in this world.