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29 Sep

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His invitation to countless interviews both in radio and television is a testimony to this.

However I certainly would not dismiss him or the stuff he teaches based on these facts.

David De Angelo is the acclaimed dating/relationship expert, author, speaker, and creator of nearly two dozen top-selling programs devoted to helping men succeed with women and in love.

Delivering proven tools and simple skills that every “regular guy” can use to feel confident, spark attraction, and create an amazing relationship, David has helped thousands men change their lives by succeeding in love at last.

Now from your newsletter I conclude that this was precisely the problem.

At the beginning I had acted well (even without having your newsletters then), she was chasing me, not the other way round, and I instinctively did it right, played the “hard to get” and let her run hot. MY COMMENTS: So, let’s start with the definition of the word WUSSY… One problem that a lot of guys have to face is TURNING INTO a Wussy over time…