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02 Sep

It might help to get a male perspective anyway." Garcia walked over to the counter. " "I think I have everything under control," JJ told her. "But if you want to set the table that would help out a lot." "You owe me so big," Hotch growled, pulling JJ into his arms. "Oh, good," Garcia sighed, finishing off what JJ suspected was her second glass of wine. " "I'm sure that's not-" JJ cut off when the doorbell rang. JJ hissed to Hotch, "Keep talking to her." JJ opened the front door to find Rossi and Reid standing there, holding up Morgan between the two of them. "I'll take him to the kitchen and sober him up a bit. " "You are here to make up with my best friend," she told him, sitting him at the kitchen table. " He tried to stand, but JJ pushed on his shoulders to keep him in the chair.

Well now that's all done, all we have to do is wait for the lady of the hour" I say falling back into one of the chairs in the bullpen "Everything looks amazing JJ! I wonder what's up, and where's Penelope? Derek was sitting in his office when he got the call. It's a free country, last I checked we didn't live in Russia." Dani said sarcastically with a smirk. "What ever" Dani said as she walked out and down into the bullpin. "Don't you dare ' What ever' me Danielle, did you forget that I am your boss no? They were in the middle of the bullpin, so everyone could hear them. As soon as Dani was out the door, Garcia called Derek, to tell him everything that happened. "Danielle I want you promise that you will never say that again, and you will aplogise to Penelope." Derek said seriously. You will listen to me." Derek all but screamed in her face. "Oh my god Dani I'm so sorry" Derek said trying to pull her into him. Derek walked into the bathroom and stood in front of the stall.