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19 Aug

So, Drake may have made it “here” (which we can only assume means super rich and successful), but we want to know what happened to the rest of the students from Canada’s most dramatic high school!

We checked in on the original stars of the show, and we promise—this is one high school reunion you’ll actually look forward to!

Already they've dropped hints that something is off with dancer Alicia: There's a sequence where she furiously works out while waiting for a call from her agent, only for it to be hours later and she still hasn't heard if she got the callback.

Soon I’ll be trying to work on her last SYFY movie since I have them in 1080p as well!

Lobel’s most notable performance to date, is his portrayal of "Jay Hogart," a manipulative school bully on Degrassi: The Next Generation.

He maintains that he is nothing like his character in real life.

I’ve added full 1080p screencaptures to the gallery.

If you’re worried about what you’ll do with your life after Shark Week ends, you needn’t be: SYFY has you covered.