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18 Nov

When I arrived at the largest village I found (and when I say “largest” I mean “7 or 8 huts”) we were REALLY going back into the primordial times.

I was looking to talk to real men, who hadn’t ever heard of the “sensitive man” nonsense. If a woman wears a skirt, it presents something a guy instinctively wants to lift. Keep a trim figure so guys can pick you up and carry you onto the lawn and ravage you.

(Entertainment Weekly called her the "most entertaining cable talk show host you will never see.") In 2002, Carroll launched Great Boyfriends.com, a dating site where women recommend their ex-boyfriends to each other. What is the riskiest thing you've done since you turned 50?

This year she brings us Tawkify, an online dating venture that ditches long profiles in favor of 10 key questions and a telephone. I jumped off a 120-foot stone quarry into a pool of water. The riskiest thing was getting on that f--king scale to see how much we weighed before we got in the plane!

I was the first white woman in the history of the world to walk from Telefomin in New Guinea to Munbil.

The SINGLE BIGGEST thing people wanted to see when they saw this white woman in their village was to see immediately whether I was a woman or a man. Men and women are born with that yearning to see a woman dressed in a dress, and a man in a great suit. Jean Carroll is a love guru: She has the longest currently running advice column in the country (Elle Magazine, 20 years, six million readers). Carroll was a writer for Saturday Night Live, has authored four books, contributed to a host of major magazines, and been featured on just about every national talk show. Tawkify, however, is her first foray into the startup world.And even this startup takes a more traditional approach to dating than you would find elsewhere.