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04 Jan

A number of other agencies have a 'duty to co-operate' with the Responsible Authorities through the arrangements, including: A Strategic Management Board (SMB) oversees the work of each area MAPPA.The board is made up of senior representatives from all the duty to cooperate agencies and is supported by two lay advisers who provide an independent viewpoint.

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This is not an indication of a security issue such as a virus or attack.

The work of MAPPA operates according to national guidance and national standards.

Gina was subjected to a serious sexual assault and the offender was arrested and charged.

I also learned that many small publishers were being wiped out by the "self-publishing revolution," a movement that's not so unlike the "citizen journalism" or bloggers' revolt of recent years that's had a major impact on mainstream media, including this publication. And you take home a bigger royalty than you'd normally get from a traditional publisher--if you sell any books.

The basic premise is anyone can become a small publisher. Against the advice of my agent, I began perusing the big self-publishing companies' Web sites and evaluating what they had to offer.