Free cyber sex text chat trial

13 Oct

Law360, Jersey City (September 9, 2016, PM EDT) -- The New Jersey Appellate Division on Friday ordered a new trial for the Rutgers University student jailed after he used a webcam to view the same-sex intimate encounters of a roommate who later committed suicide, ruling that the state wrongly focused its case on the victim’s state of mind.In a published opinion overturning the highly publicized conviction of Dharun Ravi, the three-judge panel found that the second pillar of the state’s two-prong trial strategy — to show, first, that Ravi was a computer-savvy homophobe who...The publication has vehemently protested that Backpage, or any other website, could be considered a third party in human trafficking.Suing parties in human trafficking cases through the civil court has been an option since the amended Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act of 2003, but few cases have come forward.Thanks to recent changes in federal human trafficking laws and the laws of states like Rhode Island and its neighbor, Massachusetts, neither of which prosecute sex workers under the age of 18, there has been an interesting development to come out of this focus on Backpage.Two victims, now 17 and 20, are suing the website for the role it played in their having been sold for sex 1,900 times.The verdict in this case could potentially mark a new development in the ongoing effort to define and fight federal cybersex crimes.Back in Rhode Island, Major Elorza is also looking for ways to bring civil action against the website, claiming that Backpage has "willfully and knowingly" allowed itself to be used to facilitate prostitution and human trafficking.

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