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03 Nov

We try to keep this site posted with all suitable clothes-free events within Scotland so please let us know of any nude events that are not listed.If you'd like to try the lifestyle, see what it's like to make the natural choice and feel the wonderful sense of freedom, see the Scottish Clubs for contact details of your local swim / sauna or sun club.Welcome to the registration area of your Pinarello brand product!In this section,starting with 2009 range frames, filling-out the registration form within ten days from retail purchase, you get a warranty extension of one (1) year, a total of three (3) instead of the standard two (2), your registered frame will become part of the Crash Replacement Program for the duration of the warranty, and you become a member of the Pinarello on-line community so you can always be updated with the latest news from Pinarello.The owner of a trademark may pursue legal action against trademark infringement.

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This is a site about naturism in Scotland, run and paid for by volunteers and donations.

If you are unfamiliar with what naturism is, please check out the What is Naturism page hosted by British Naturism.

This site originally sprang from an MSN group which was shut down when the naturist / nudist photos were deemed by MSN to be in some way offensive.

When it was running, it was the only genuine Scotland based MSN group for all you hardy Scots naturists / nudists out there or those wishing to visit Scotland who prefer to relax without the constraints of clothing.