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30 Oct

Fourie and Bonthuys requested leave to appeal to the Constitutional Court, but this was denied and the High Court instead granted leave to appeal to the Supreme Court of Appeal (SCA).

They applied to the Constitutional Court for direct access, but this was denied on 31 July 2003; the court stated that the case raised complex issues of common and statutory law on which the SCA's views should first be heard.

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These equality rights formed the basis for a series of court decisions granting specific rights to couples in long-term same-sex relationships: In 2002, a lesbian couple, Marié Fourie and Cecelia Bonthuys, with the support of the Lesbian and Gay Equality Project, launched an application in the Pretoria High Court to have their union recognised and recorded by the Department of Home Affairs as a valid marriage.

Judge Pierre Roux dismissed the application on 18 October 2002, on the technical basis that they had not properly attacked the constitutionality of the definition of marriage or the Marriage Act, 1961.

You’ve probably heard the words ‘blessed’ and ‘blesser’ thrown around of late, and I’m not referring to the hashtags on your friend’s Instagram where she thanks the universe for her gluten-free Sunday lunch with friends. No, we are actually talking about how a site called Blesserfinder is making serious waves around the country.

I think you know where this is going, but here’s a little insight from the Sunday Times: If you haven’t been paying attention, a website called Blesserfinder exists to match “blessers” – rich old married men – with “blessees” – poor young single women.