Gina carano and randy couture dating

18 Sep

Beofre being signed by the Dolphins, running back Reggie Bush was a regular on the party scene in New Orleans and is now a regular on the scene in Miami.Bush doesn't limit his partying to just local venues, he's been spotted at events and clubs in New York, Las Vegas and Los Angeles in recent years. party scene, including The Playboy mansion, block parties and the occasional UCLA frat party.

And while it may seem like a no-brainer on the surface — after all, how many sports get a chance to put two pioneering legends up against one another — it is more realistically the worst idea that Dana White has ever had, at least from a sporting standpoint. Gina Carano’s last professional fight was a first round stoppage loss against Cris Cyborg Justino.

If you’re a recent MMA fan, you may not know who he is…which is a shame! Genki is also one of the most humble and soft-spoken fighters who ever competed.

Genki is not only one of the best Japanese fighters of all time, he’s also by FAR the most entertaining! In fact, it’s hard to find ANYONE, including opponents, who can say anything bad about the guy!

But for some, the lure of the ladies, the liquor and the leisurely poolside lifestyle are just a bit too tempting.

Here are 25 of the biggest party animals in sports.