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06 Oct

ABC has announced the cast of Bachelor in Paradise – well, there are some familiar faces, though not as many old school Bachelor Pad fame whores as I was expecting, and some not-so-familiar faces.

I honestly had to look up two of the "biggest stars" because I couldn't remember who they are.

, where the abs are tight and the morals are loose (except, of course, for Marquel who doesn’t kiss on the first date).

In the wake of last week’s excitement, in which a production assistant wound up in the hospital in order to avoid being seen in public with one of the contestants, Ben stormed out because he had a girlfriend, and then Dylan warned Elise he would refuse her rose and then did, there’s no way this week can match the level of savoir WTF-ness, where even the producers have given up pretending that this show is anything but a two-hour disaster. They will undoubtedly make very smart choices.: New Blood: Danielle, who was dismissed from Juan Pablo's series, arrives on the scene with date card in hand.

The romantic dating series will feature new twists, shocking surprises, unexpected guests, and some of the most unlikely relationships in bachelor/bachelorette history, plus all the usual romance, drama, and tears we’ve come to expect from the Bachelor." Bachelor 17 - Sean Lowe Ash Lee, 33, fell hard for Sean, but he sent her home her after their overnight date in Thailand.

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Marquel happily accepts the offer and Michelle is very disappointed.The show may also represent "a second chance at finding love" for those rejected by previous Bachelors and Bachelorettes.The contestants live together in a mansion and take part in challenges to prevent elimination, go on dates with contestants of their choice, and choose other contestants to eliminate.Each year my dad went in for a check up where a CEA test was performed to monitor the levels of protein that colon cancer emits. Sure enough, his levels were normal and of no concern.Then when my dad turned 53 he went in for his check up and the CEA levels had risen a bit. Nothing to be too concerned about but it caused the doctor to run a CT scan and sure enough, the cancer had not only come back, but it had spread to his lungs, liver and lymph nodes. It was  It was brought to our attention that the cancer most likely had never been completely removed. But the CEA test we had relied on was saying otherwise. After some research we found that this CEA test is not always accurate. It tends to be faulty at times and it should always be used in conjunction with a CT scan or PET scan. This information was not made known to us until it was far too late.