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28 Sep

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The bar stools have metal frames with a gunmetal finish and feature tapered stiles with slat backs and spider style legs with circle support also functioning as the foot rest.

(MOFC) in 1914 when MOFC separates from Macey Furniture Company. This fireproof product quickly becomes a top seller for Metal Office Furniture Co. Our product line offerings in 1915 are safe deposit vault equipment, lockers, strong boxes, steel shelving, and wastebaskets. The French company, Forges de Strasbourg, gets its start as a tool and steel structure manufacturer. Hunting makes the first sales on the West Coast – file cabinets and a few miscellaneous items to various stationery stores and equipment dealers. Turner Advertising in Chicago promotes the Steelcase® trademark to emphasize the durability of Metal Office Furniture Co. By 1968 we will have nearly 900 dealers in all 50 states...

With the help of 11 investors, Wege's dream of competing in "The Furniture City" amongst wood furniture... Peter Martin Wege is elected president of Metal Office Furniture Co. A demonstration of the combination of bending steel at a right angle and resistance welding in both the Victor wastebasket and a series of file cabinets. The introduction of the Victor, a steel wastebasket, is a win-win for all parties. will acquire Servidor and manufacture Servidors for hotel rooms, Receivadors for home deliveries, and Closidors for home closets. Wege and Metal Office Furniture Company receive a patent for the a manufacturing process using U-channel...

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