Hagstrom serial number dating

27 Oct

He further ordered two more accordions which he quickly sold in his home district.

In 1923 he imported 25 accordions from the supplier in Germany and sold these quickly by advertisements in the newspapers.

Assuming it has Made in USA on it somewhere then it is an 89 US made. Model Name: Standard Series P Bass® Special Model Number: 032-1500-(Color#)?

its attached to a 2002 squier strat affinity crafted in . Fenderphil, I assume you were replying to David the guest, with an E9 serial.

If you are having trouble finding the date of the guitar you are researching, try emailing the manufacturer and see if they can help date the instrument.In 1921 he borrowed 5000 German Marks and bought 2 accordions from Germany.One of the accordions he sold for the equivalent of 175 Swedish Crowns and the other one he leased out to dance halls and society meetings in the district.It is not an original vintage from the 70s-80s, but a reissue from China. M09011884Based on my experience decoding other guitar's serial numbers I am willing to say this is a 2009 model made in January and production # 1884.