Hot dating denton tx

12 Oct

I am a very hard worker and I have goals that I strive to achieve every day. I love to ride horse, go cycling, hiking, kayaking, camping, fishing and hunting. I'm a real nerd when it comes to some movies and tv shows.

I enjoy camping, fishing, swimming, hunting, sports, movies etc. I am very easy to get along with and down to earth. I am a sweet funny girl on the exterior, but if you look deeply you will see my spiritual side and all of my hopes and dreams. i am a respectful and honest woman who is not into playing games and has no time for those who revolve around drama.

I love to be active and do outside adventures, hiking, biking, swimming, skiing,horse back, walks on beach, picnics. I enjoy looking at the stars at night, and then wait to watch the sun come up.

I enjoy movies, travel, board games, and my pool table. I enjoy doing yard work, and cleaning, and cooking, in fact I am a bite of a neat freak. And I'm the type of person that wants you to try and get to know me, without me having to tell you. I think differently than most people, in my opinion.

I like all types of music, in fact music can change my whole day if the right song comes on.

I enjoy Mexican food, and chicken , plus a good steak now and then I am a true romantic and love to kiss, Hold hands, cuddle, and I am very honest , loving ,caring person.