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13 Dec

International College Counselors offers the Secondary School Admission Test (SSAT) on an individual basis.

This approach benefits students who do not perform their best in small, overcrowded rooms and-or prefer a more personal approach to standardized testing.

A typical tutoring session might include an overview of the SSAT/ISEE, building familiarity with exam concepts, working through practice problems, or reinforcing tips and strategies. For students without prior SSAT/ISEE preparation, we recommend the 26-hour tutoring program.

All Grades An interview is a required part of the process.

Maybe you will be one of dozens of applicants from your city. RETURN TO TOP How many international students are currently enrolled at George School?

Others come to George School to become proficient in English.

The SSAT Flex Test can be taken instead of the regular SSAT test.

Schools view the Flex Test in exactly the same way as the nationally-scheduled SSAT taken in a group setting.

It depends how many students are applying from your country or language group.

Perhaps you will be the only applicant from your country.