Is daniel johns still dating louise van der vorst

20 Oct

The band's career began when they were just 14 years old, after a demo recording of their song "Tomorrow" won a competition by the SBS TV program Nomad.The single was then picked up by radio network Triple J and their first album release was Frogstomp, in 1995.Johns has been spotted wining and dining 20-year-old Louise Van de Vorst around Sydney six months after the high-profile split from his singer/actor ex.The Gemma Ward-lookalike and Johns, 28, bar-hopped through Kings Cross nightclubs over the long weekend even ducking into one venue's cloakroom for 20 minutes for a moment of privacy, The Daily Telegraph reports.Johns and Mac worked together since Mac's 1997 remix of "Freak" and his contribution to Neon Ballroom.In 2000, they recorded a five-track EP I Can't Believe It's Not Rock.

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Daniel and Paul have worked together since Paul's 1997 remix of "Freak" and contribution of key in Neon Ballroom.

In late 2005, Johns and Silverchair joined up again and put rumors of a split to rest by announcing the production of a new album titled .

Newly single silverchair frontman Daniel Johns has reportedly rebounded from Natalie Imbruglia into the arms of one of Australia's hottest young models.

Daniel Paul Johns (born 22 April 1979) is an Australian vocalist, composer, guitarist, and pianist, best known as frontman of the rock band Silverchair. In 2007, he was ranked at number 18 on Johns grew up in Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia.

His interest for classical music started when he was seven.