Is serena williams still dating common dating a childhood friend

15 Jan

Serena Williams is one of the greatest athletes of all time. In reference to the racism Serena has faced throughout her career, the writer called America "a country that couldn’t decide if she was a goddess or a threat." Many times, Serena has been categorized as threatening more so than being hailed as the G. “I guess they couldn’t relate to me because I’m black, I’m strong, I’m tall, I’m powerful and I’m confident.When Romanian tennis captain Ilie Nastase imagined Serena Willams’s baby with her white fiancé Alexis Ohanian would look like “chocolate with milk” last week, his offensive comments were immediately criticized in the media.She’s always shied away from idea of being with one of her co-stars.But Common was persistent and finally won her over,’ the source revealed."I worried about being so young with kids," she says. I didn't want to deal with any baby mama drama." One day she came across childhood friend Ferdinand on My Space. After exchanging numbers, they realized they shared core values and had great chemistry.Nine months later they wed and committed to making a happy home with their kids ages 4 to 12.THE MYTH: No one wants to date a divorcée with kids. Lia-Symone Yahya, 32, and her husband, Ferdinand, 32, set Facebook on blended-family fire with photos of their six children (his two, her two and two they had together).

The two previously dated in 2010, but broke up after a year.

Her struggle: "I met my ex-husband while in school.

At 22 we got married because we had two babies and my family was putting pressure on me.

Has Common really moved on from Regina Hall to get back with his ex, Serena Williams, or is this just a distraction to keep us in the dark?

Just a couple of weeks ago, news broke that the rapper and Hall had been hot and heavy for over a year.