John utendahl dating tyra banks

08 Dec

However, on May 4, Drake was spotted at Disneyland with Banks, who split from her boyfriend of three years John Utendahl in December.

Drake and Banks were snapped laughing hard as they got frozen yogurt.

I will say, I work out a lot, and that makes me feel better.

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[When you restrict yourself] that's when there's the problems I think,' Martha admitted on The Lowdown with Diana Madison back in April.'And like, sometimes days will go by where I'm like, "Oh wow I can't believe I ate all that crap," but you just gotta live! I mostly work out with a trainer [three times a week] and then I'll do like tennis or sport every once in a while for fun.'Things haven't always been easy for the Velocity Black spokesmodel, who had metal rods surgically inserted into her spine to treat scoliosis at age 14.A source told And just a few days later there was another reported sighting of them together - this time having a champagne brunch.The source said: ''They were holding hands on the table and gazing into each other's eyes. '' Tyra split from her partner of three years - John Utendahl - in December before being linked to Rihanna's mate, the US rapper Drake. According to the NY Post, the rapper was spotted with Jones at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year, and the two have been “quietly dating ever since.” “She wants them to go public, but he’s reluctant,” a source told the news outlet.According to their reps, the two are “just friends.” So what about Tyra?