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Jorma Taccone is an American actor, comedian, director, producer, writer, record producer, and musician. Recently debuting in 2010 as director for the SNL spin-off film "Mac Gruber", Jorma Taconne was born as Jorma Christopher Taconne to Sue Ellen and artistic director Tony Taconne in Berkeley, California, United States of America.Fredrik Hansen This reminds me of a dream I used to have. Son of Matt Murray who is our friend/SNL writer/ brooklyn 99/ "taco town" creator!It's just me in a castle and I gotta fight, like, a thousand wizards and the only way to beat them is to punch them as hard as I can in their faces. haha Have you ever seen the Intervention Episode about the guy who Lance Armstrong drove to drugs after firing him from the US Postal team... ❤️(the website doesn't work great on mobile, better to try desktop/laptop, thanks) Akiva here.Jorma Taconne Joined NBC's late night show called "Saturday Night Live" alongside Andy Samberg and Akiva Schaffer.They formed a comedy trio called The Lonely Island and they have created more than 100 short films for the show. It is a comedy film written by Jorma Taconne alongside Andy Samberg and Akiva Schaffer (members of The Lonely Island).The movie is filled with at least a half-dozen songs, which are all catchy enough to be on the radio.But upon further attentiveness to the lyrics, they're laden with totally crude and offensive- -yet hilarious--content.

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He also has cameo appearances in movies such as “Role Models” (2008) and “The Watch” (2012).

The new date pits the Lonely Island boys against the .

Also starring are Tim Meadows as Conner’s “upbeat and overworked” manager and Sarah Silverman as Conner’s “sharp and sarcastic” publicist.

He is one among the three members of comedy musical group The Lonely Island along with Andy Samberg and Akiva Schaffer.

He is an actor, comedic writer, record producer, musician, film director and producer.