Kurdish dating in london

13 Oct

Ms Palani has become the latest Westerner to join the fight against ISIS in Kobane, where Syrian Kurds assisted by Iraqi Peshmerga troops and US and Arab coalition warplanes have managed to force hundreds of militants out of the centre of the city.Brave: Joanna Palani, a 20-year-old of Kurdish descent, uploaded this picture to her Facebook page showing her calmly smiling while wearing military fatigues, a bullet proof vest and carrying a large assault rifle Ms Palani (left) - who has lived in Denmark since she was three-years-old - has joined the Kurdish YPJ regiment - the all-female sister force of the better known YPG (a member of which is pictured with her, right) Ms Palani is the latest Westerner to join the fight against ISIS in Kobane (pictured), where Syrian Kurds assisted by Iraqi Peshmerga troops and US warplanes have forced hundreds of militants out the city centre Leaders of the Cologne-based Median Empire Motorcycle Club, which has strong Kurdish links, posted images of their riders posing in the besieged Syrian city of Kobane.Have afternoon tea in William Morris's historic Red House in Bexleyheath, an internationally significant home of the Arts & Crafts movement04.Visit Neasden Temple in North West London, the first and largest traditional Hindu Mandir outside India05.

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This morning Kurdish fighters captured six buildings from ISIS near Kobane and seized a large haul of their weapons and ammunition There have been numerous other reports from Kobane of Westerners travelling taking up arms against the militants - including claims that a number of European biker gangs had ridden to Syria and are helping to assist the resistance.Visit the Churchill War rooms at the Imperial War Museum and discover the original Cabinet War Rooms.06.Stroll the gardens of Down House in Bromley, home to Charles Darwin and where he wrote 'On the Origin of Species'07.A female Kurdish fighter who became a poster girl for the Kobane resistance movement after a picture of her making a peace sign was retweeted thousands of times on Twitter has reportedly been beheaded by Isis Her death - reported on several sites including 9- however, is unconfirmed and at the time of writing the YPG (People's Defense Unit) and YPJ have yet to respond to Mail Online's request for a comment.Perched on the other side of the Turkish border, the Syrian town of Kobane has been under an intense assault by Isis, or the so-called Islamic State, for more than a month.