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21 Nov

To order an item from us phone 01243 827500Whilst this antique butt reservoir rifle has no markings or makers name on it we are pretty sure it is of Austrian manufacture, there is no decoration and it is very plain in the military style.

The hammer mechanism is unusual with moving striking piece which strikes a just off centre located hammer.

Both the rifle and handgun forms (air rifle and air pistol) typically propel metallic projectiles, either non-spherical pellets, or spherical BBs.

Certain types of air guns (usually rifles) may also propel arrows or darts.

The first air guns were developed as early as the 1500s.

Campaigning for the county council election in May is now under way, despite plans to dissolve the authority.Plain trigger guard fitted underneath with quite a thin trigger. We have seen repeating versions of this made by Girandoni but this one is a single shot and not made by Girandoni (sometimes referred to as Girardoni).This rifle is stored in our shop but is not on open display.probably German. Double set hair trigger which works with a little coaxing. Lots of shaped brass inlaid plates to butt and side of mechanism. Barrel opens at the breech by pushing a little lever in front of the brass trigger guard.If the local government reorganisation (LGR) proposal to combine the county and five of six district councils into one new unitary is approved by Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government Sajid Javid, a further election could take place as soon as next year.The county council has said it sought to avoid the extra £800,000 cost of holding two elections close together, but the government has insisted this is necessary.