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01 Sep

These family-friendly events create a safe environment for survivors and supporters to raise awareness for an uncomfortable topic.

Join RISE for these upbeat, fun events featuring vendor fairs, Celebrity Walkers, toenail painting, awareness activities, and live music! The 5th Annual Paso Robles Walk a Mile in Her Shoes event will be held in downtown City Park.

What can I do about a neighboring house where I believe occupancy numbers are more than is safe or legal?

Using digitized maps, gamers can see the location of monsters, Pokestops and gyms as far as a few blocks away.The 16th Annual San Luis Obispo Walk a Mile in Her Shoes event will be held in Mission Plaza. Online registration will become available a few months prior to the events.You can also build a fundraising web page if you want to raise additional funds for RISE.Registration will also be available day-of at each event.Support a local awareness event that encourages our community to take a stand against sexual assault and gender-based violence!