Net xmlvalidatingreader example

19 Aug

The validating reader has a Read method (respectively several Read* methods) as well so why can't you call it to pull in the nodes and perform the validation while doing that? well, this is being developed as a method in a Web Service, so i'm not sure how i would build a stream to read the xml in.

it is much easier to just pass the xml in as the parameter to to Web Service method.

For example, if the supplied reader had Whitespace Handling.

None set, this validating reader also ignores white space.

Any properties set on the given Xml Text Reader also apply to this validating reader.

Document, o Context); but since you don't have use a Reader to acquire the XML document, how do you perform validation on the Xml fragment?

thanks for any help, jason do you perform validation on the Xml fragment?

When external document type definitions (DTDs) or schemas are needed for validation, the Xml Validating Reader.

Xml Resolver property sets the Xml Resolver object to use for resolving external resources.